It’s been awhile, friends! Between moving, job searching, and getting settled in an awesome new job: life has been full in the first half of 2016. Luckily, there’s nothing like sweet summertime to put readerly wind back in a Hungry Heroine’s sails. Boston’s beautiful weather the last few weekends has […]

A Masterful Epic: Unbroken

The Revisionists 2
What’s the last book that caused you to stay up too late reading? You know the feeling. The one more chapter-don’t care if I’m tired tomorrow-how is this going to end?! kind of feeling. That feeling takes me back to my childhood, in the best possible way. Of nights staying […]

The Revisionists: Reviewed

Short List of Books 2
How do you choose which books to read? As a kid, I remember walking slowly through the aisles at the library or bookstore, and letting my eye fall on a catchy title or a pretty book cover. Without the grand Internet to validate my choice in reading material, I would […]

A Short List of Books to Read in 2016

Year Of Pleasures book 1
As I was chopping up onions yesterday in my new apartment, the sun was setting out of the west kitchen window in an especially vibrant and colorful fashion. I could feel the sunshine warming my back (ever so slightly… it is Boston, after all). Dance music played in the background, infusing my […]

The Year Of Pleasures: A Review

where'd you go bernadette 2
Pop quiz: At which major company do you become a quasi-rock star after giving the fourth-most-watched Ted Talk of all time? Answer: You’ll find it in Maria Semple’s “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” Possible: Your rock-star status at said company may or may not be noticed by a certain Mr. Gates. […]

A Review: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

anticipation 4
The Germans have a word for what I’m feeling right now.   Vorfreude (n): the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.     I am immensely looking forward to the next few months. I’ll be making my way through America’s greatest roadside tourist attractions, building a life […]

Anticipation is Key for The (Happy) Hungry Heroine

whynotme 2
The Hungry Heroine is hosting her very first book giveaway! And YOU could win!   I’ve never been one of those readers who dreams of book-cluttered shelves, or hoards boxes of unopened books from the last move, stored in a dusty corner of the closet. I was thrilled to start […]

Why Not Me? A Hungry Heroine Giveaway

hungryheroine4 2
After reading about my take on the Hungry Heroines in popular books, you’re probably wondering: What does Hungry Heroine mean, anyway?   Is it one of those sororities you read about in the news, where pledges are required to dye their hair certain colors and have their outfits scrutinized on […]

What Is A Hungry Heroine, Anyway?

Are you ready to nerd out over a combination of history, conspiracy theory, and national disaster?   Yes. Yes you are.   Two shipwrecks took place in the late 1910s. Both were massive British passenger liners, providing a false sense of security to passengers who trusted in powerful turbines and […]

Conspiracy Theories, Shipwrecks, and Submarines

fallphoto 2
I’ve been in the fall spirit lately. I’ve embarked on two major baking projects: amazing cranberry-orange muffins and an old family favorite. I made the most delicious autumn-inspired chicken dish, to rave reviews from the Hungry Hero. I drank a fall shandy. I keep remarking about Washington’s gorgeous fall beauty; […]

Why Readers Love Fall